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make me choose » Anonymous asked Olicity or Fitzsimmons 

make me choose: sarahendriix asked lydia martin or sarah manning.

I believe you. After everything we’ve been through, I believe you.

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yellow:five turn ons:

1. people who like my otps and/or watch shows i watch

2. guys who can play guitar

3. nerds/geeks/dorks

4. guys with blonde hair

5. green eyes

Thank you for asking love :*

klaroline because it's a color you know, and now you have to tell 3 reasons why they are so perfect

hahahhaha :P uhmm there are too many but I’ll try hmm:

1. They remind me of Beauty and the (sexy) Beast and it was my favourite childhood fairytale.

2. He waits for her and intends to be her last even though she turned him down alot of times.

3. She brings out the best in him without changing him but she brings out what he already is and I think that’s really cute because he is like the original vampire but he fell in love with a baby vampire :D

There are alot of other reasons but you said 3 so I tried to name just 3 :D

Thank you so much for asking lovely ;)